3DS MAX Quiz - Final

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The geometry that appears in viewports, but not in the scene. You manipulate a gizmo to modify the scene geometry or other effects. Provides a visual aid when you transform objects is called_________.

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Which can change an object’s geometrical structure, deforming it in some way.

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Which specifies the placement, orientation, and scale of a map on the geometry?

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Which is a type of helper object you can create whenever you need a local reference grid or construction plane somewhere other than the home grid?

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Which Opens the alignment dialogue box for positioning objects, allows objects to be aligned by their normals, determines the location of highlights, and aligns objects to a camera or view.

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What is called when Two-dimensional view of an object, as seen from the Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, or Right.

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How Many Edges make up a polygon?

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An arbitrary point in space is used as the __________

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Which Mode do we use connect in?

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Which is a straight or curved line that connects two vertices in a mesh object or spline?

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Which used to describe the placement and transformation of maps?

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Which is a type of deformable object? It provides controls for manipulating a mesh object made up of triangular faces as an object and at three sub-object levels: vertex, edge, and face.

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Which objects are viewed with the rules of perspective applied to them. They have a vanishing point.

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Which viewport display setting that lets you view objects in a given viewport as a wire mesh?

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Area of the User Interface where the objects are displayed is called_________

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Which Produces a quick test rendering of the current viewport without opening the Render Setup dialogue box using the production settings, the iterative render mode, or the ActiveShade window.

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Which comprises six user-interface panels that give you access to most of the modeling features of 3ds Max, as well as some animation features, display choices, and miscellaneous utilities.

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Which is a single point in a graphic image?

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Which is the color that an object reflects when illuminated by “good lighting.” Also referred to as its natural color.

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Which Button would you press for the 'Rotate Tool'?