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3DS MAX Quiz - Final

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A collection of vertices and connecting segments that form a line or curve is called_________.

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A single point whose sole property is its position in 3D space, which is typically defined by values for the X axis, Y axis, and the Y axis is called__________.

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Which contains information about the scene and the active command?

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Lists and allows you to select a set of named objects.

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Which used to describe the placement and transformation of maps?

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Which Mode do we use connect in?

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How do we create new faces on the edge of a model?

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Which changes an object or the location of the object. Usually done with Move, Rotate or Scale.

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One of two or more individual mesh objects grouped together into one larger object is called_______.

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How many Verticies make up a Polygon?

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Which is a type of deformable object? It provides controls for manipulating a mesh object made up of triangular faces as an object and at three sub-object levels: vertex, edge, and face.

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Which specifies the placement, orientation, and scale of a map on the geometry?

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Which Displays animation keys and frame numbers, can be “scrubbed” to quickly view the results of the animation created.

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Which Opens the Layer Manager interface where you can work with layers.

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Which Opens the Schematic View window.

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Which is used To output the image or scene with a camera, lights, shadows, modifiers, and materials applied to it?

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Which is used to design materials and maps.

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Which Opens the Material Editor window?

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How Do you Activate Full Screen?

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Which is a type of helper object you can create whenever you need a local reference grid or construction plane somewhere other than the home grid?