3DS MAX Quiz - Final

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How do we create new faces on the edge of a model?

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The geometry that appears in viewports, but not in the scene. You manipulate a gizmo to modify the scene geometry or other effects. Provides a visual aid when you transform objects is called_________.

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Which Button would you press for the 'Rotate Tool'?

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Which Opens the Layer Manager interface where you can work with layers.

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Which is the portion of a spline between two vertices?

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Which is used to design materials and maps.

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Which button would you press for The 'Move Tool'

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Which displays drop down menus common to many software programs?

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A wireframe box that encloses the extents of an object is called_________.

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Which is a single point in a graphic image?

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Which is a 3D navigation tool that also lets you switch between standard and isometric views.

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Which is the color that an object reflects when illuminated by “good lighting.” Also referred to as its natural color.

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An objects maximum dimensions in X, Y, and Z is called_____________.

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Which Opens the Function Curves Editor.

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Which is the standard time display format for most professional animation work?

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Which is a straight or curved line that connects two vertices in a mesh object or spline?

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Which used to describe the placement and transformation of maps?

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Which is a type of helper object you can create whenever you need a local reference grid or construction plane somewhere other than the home grid?

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Which allows you to access pre-made materials and maps that come with 3DS MAX?

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Which Opens the Graphite Modeling Tools panel?