3DS MAX Quiz - Final

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Which Opens the Render Setup dialogue box for setting rendering options.

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A type of geometric model of a three-dimensional object in which the basic shape is made up of points, or vertices, connected by edges

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An objects maximum dimensions in X, Y, and Z is called_____________.

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An arbitrary point in space is used as the __________

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Which can change an object’s geometrical structure, deforming it in some way.

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Which displays drop down menus common to many software programs?

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Which Button would you press for the 'Rotate Tool'?

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This is the number of frames displayed for every second of real-time.

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Which is a straight or curved line that connects two vertices in a mesh object or spline?

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How do we turn wireframe on?

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Two-dimensional arrays of lines similar to graph paper are called_________

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Which Creates a mirrored copy of the selected object.

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Which is a 3D navigation tool that also lets you switch between standard and isometric views.

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What is called when Two-dimensional view of an object, as seen from the Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, or Right.

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Which specifies the placement, orientation, and scale of a map on the geometry?

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A collection of vertices and connecting segments that form a line or curve is called_________.

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A wireframe box that encloses the extents of an object is called_________.

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Which is used to design materials and maps.

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Which Opens the Material Editor window?

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A single point whose sole property is its position in 3D space, which is typically defined by values for the X axis, Y axis, and the Y axis is called__________.